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VM HITS symbolizes an innovative approach into the Web...

As a fact, in conformity with Viral Marketing's principles but by non-orthodox techniques, putting together the 'rolling action' power of a well known and widely accepted Traffic Exchange script with a vast and innovative MULTIMEDIA RESOURCE SYSTEM with the objective of effectively align any eventual misguided Newbie (or even 'Marketer') in relation to the related Marketing standards and Commercial definitions, can only result on something realistically different.

Therefore, contributing for the improvement of the worldwide VIRAL MARKETING COMMUNITY, VMH intents to provide a complete knowledgebase that, gathered along years of professional experience 'within' the Viral Market's sphere, might well elucidate and, if not instruct, incentive the application of better techniques, methodologies and strategy which, considered best practices, must be properly adapted when facing a global market maily composed by Viral Marketing activity, i.e., also comprehending Social Online level (vulgar Social Media).

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