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Carefully elaborated for Business purposes, VMH it's a brand new Digital System that advocates the rightous use of GAMIFICATION techniques and methodologies in way of better incentive commercial consumerism while promoting business branding.
Putting together the power of a well known and widely accepted Traffic Exchange LFMTE Script with an innovative Multimedia Resource System mainly provided by OR2 Web Productions, VMH symbolizes MUCH MORE than a simple Traffic Exchange.


Benefiting from OR2's unique, enhanced and featured NAVIGATION PANEL, no matter by just viewing our Member's websites (similar to pay-per-click) or by enjoying the also innovative 'rolling-action' provided by VIRAL MAZE gamification platform, You have the right to collect valuable digital assets as well as CASH directly to Your BALANCE ACCOUNT or by converting COINS that, meanwhile, can be found on the several available quests.

Furthermore, once a registered member of our system, You will gain proper access to a set of tools, means and resources which can easily simplify the process of starting, implementing or even improving Your Own Home Based Business.

To help You out on starting, VMH allows You to earn enough MONEY in way of being possible for You to UPGRADE on our system. Then, benefiting from a fantastic capacity of EARNING 40% COMMISSIONS from all eventual referrals PLUS 10% more derived from the referrals of Your referrals purchases, it's simplified the way of 'building' a considerable monthly income as a proper result of Your Own marketing efforts while promoting VMH by using Your personalized links, i.e., allways dependable and in conformity with Your hard-working online activity.

Meanwhile, as an exclusive advantage of any UPGRADED MEMBER, not only You can gain 1 CREDIT per each website that You view (allowing You to EQUALLY promote Your own marketing campaigns) but also to collect the enough MONEY necessary for You to keep Your UPGRADE ACTIVE... Just by using OR2's NAVIGATION PANEL to view all Our Member's websites, promotions and commercial opportunities


As a splendid promotional tool, by joining our system, not only You can serious benefit from an effective mean that allows you to EARN both CASH and TRAFFIC to Your Own websites but also to comfortably LEARN or IMPROVE Your skills on Viral Marketing online activity and related SELF-BRANDING level (only limited to your own personal efforts)...

Everything possible, FOR FREE !!!... At least, until You start EARNING.

As explained, after paying or by EARNING YOUR UPGRADE (only by spending Your precious time), besides the capacity of start receiving CREDITS every time you visit another member's webpage and, in exchange, to receive viewers right on Your Own websites, You gain also previledged access to specific KNOWLEDGEBASE LEVELS - allways in conformity with Your membership level. Therefore, while navigating between Our members websites, besides collecting valuable contents and grab some money from VMH's 'rolling-action', You can simply LEARN or IMPROVE Your knowledge not only by soft, short and easy to know VIDEO tutorials (in conformity with Your membership level) but mainly from the innovative OR2's LEARNING STREAMS that, supported by our sponsors and ownership, it's completely free for all members.

What is OR2 Learning Streams ?...

Provided by OR2 Web Productions, the related Online Learning Streams intends to represent a liable educational source that, besides promoting online techniques, methods and means to achieve financial freedom just by using Internet, tries to instruct every interested one regarding how-to best practices and well recommended guidelines in way of respecting any digitally related usability standard.

Therefore, if You are sick of fly by night mentors, crappy rehashed and reused courses, and monotone video tutorials - or if You are more interested on a simpler way of improving Your skills !... If fascinated by innovative approaches based on well accepted methodologies, eventually, it is time to re-think outside the box...

That's precisely where OR2 innovative streams appears.

On this way, not only you can easily continue to do what you usually do on Your daily Online acttivity while enjoying Instrumental, Ambient, Electronic, Cinematic or even Epic music but also be aware of relevant tips, instructional success formulas and relevant educational know-how concerning Viral Marketing activity and Self-Branding strategy.

Furthermore, just because You are logged on and using Viral Marketing Hits to promote Your online business, you can be surprised when also featured on the related OR2's online broadcasting emissions as part of the predicted VMH LIVE SESSIONS. Obviously benefiting from all the extra attention that more traditional marketing can provide through ON-AIR transmissions (very similar to vulgar Radio) targeted for larger audiences that, on the case of a normal Traffic Exchange's action, should also comprehend Social Online's listeners...

... And everything on the comfort of your home, just to ensure that you will be 'digitally stronger', motivated, better prepared and able to create Your Own Home based Business with the help of your best 'Teacher' on the sometimes deceived 'viral arenas': Your own hears, personal intuition and OR2 as one of Your best friends.

By welcome this brand new way of learning, considering it a natural evolution of the well accepted conventional means that allows to spread information for a considerable audience (similar to Radio broadcasting, yet online), it becomes easier to elucidate, help and explain what is this thing of 'Viral Marketing' as well as How-To promote Self-Branding using 'viral' techniques and methodologies that, therefore, turns also possible to effectively benefit from the 'tools' available by the so called Social Media.

If not enough, You can allways reinforce Your marketing knowledge with the available VMH's upgrade options and add-ons... Better known as OR2 Learning Packages (also available by YOUR H Solution).

Why Upgrading IT's-A-MUST ?...

Besides an authentic plethora of offers that are constantly gifted just by navigating through the 'sea' of opportunities available by OR2's NAVIGATION PANEL and the VIRAL MAZE gamification platform, being an VMH UPGRADED MEMBER provides you the previledged access (in conformity) to the VMH SECRET ARCHIVES.
Gathered by years of professional experience dealing with Viral Market's gradual evolution and composed by a vast knowledgebase regarding Marketing and Commercial activity (all most known NICHES), the VMH BUNKERS protects valuable contents on all kinds of subjects and themes derived from the following areas:

- Traffic Generation, Techniques and Methodologies;
- Article Marketing (everything you need to know);
- List Building Strategy and Leads Conversion;
- Blogging Strategy, Content creation and major guidelines;
- Social Branding Strategy;
- Marketing at Social Online Level:
- Niche Marketing;
- Product Creation and Product Promotion;
- Outsourcing tips;
- Home Based Business Strategy;
- Working at Home information and tips;
- Writing tips and guidelines;
... and so many more...

No matter what, taking advantage from the default signup process, by being a registered member of VMH (independently of being a paid member or for free), You are automatically selected to represent VMH as an AFFILIATE. So, using our built-in promotional 'tools', the more members you refer using your personalized links, the more you can earn - Up to 50% commissions as an Upgraded Member that, with an 1:1 ratio, increases your website traffic as well.

High Quality traffic to your website !!!...

Just because...

Viral Marketing Hits provides FREE access:

Unbeatable no-cost online advertising.

Viral Marketing Hits is Viral:
Traffic increases automatically and exponentially

Viral Marketing Hits is a money maker:
Earn REALISTIC CASH COMMISSIONS when your referrals purchase
extra credits, upgrades/add-ons or other services.

Viral Marketing Hits is Proven:
Join thousands of members that are already benefiting from using Traffic Exchange Systems while, everyday, promote multiple web pages as well as banner ads

Viral Marketing Hits is Targeted:
You’ll only get live, real-time targeted traffic.
Real people visiting your site. No fake traffic here.

Viral Marketing Hits is rather Different:
All your signups get to join your programmes through your link, helping you to build 'downlines' in other sites. Yet, the assembled 'Downline Builder' is well organized by CATEGORIES in way of intuitively incentive to avoid the abusive promotion of commonly known Marketing systems and such repetitive promotion. Instead, through an enhanced NAVIGATION PANEL, the related promotional capability can effectively focalize on each member's own businesses, blogs and/or web sites.

Finally, Viral Marketing Hits is really Innovative:
Reavealing the FIRST ever Traffic Exchange WITH a VOICE... VMH turns the promotional navigation into a fun, enriched and enjoyable feature wich advantages surpass what is being offered by any vulgar commercial system. Effectively, without deviating each User from the related personal 'rhythm', individual learning pace and previously assimilated 'tastes', VMH has developed a set of unique, innovative and non-orthodox techniques in way of turning possible to please a wider range of beneficiaries. No matter a Newbie, an Expert or even a Professional Advanced User, almost everyone can be delighted while viewing promotional links through OR2's enhanced, featured and innovative NAVIGATION PANEL where, besides provididing direct access to the VIRAL MAZE gamification platform, is given the opportunity of enjoying the enormous potential provided by OR2 Learning Streams, no matter for learning or just to relax (with access to several musical genres).